Saturday, June 12, 2010

Onyancha Lead Police To more Murder scences

Self-confessed serial killer Philip Onyancha on Friday led detectives from the Special Crime Prevention Unit to five more locations around the city where he says he committed the offence.

One of them was a lodging at Gikomba market, where he confessed luring a schoolgirl and strangling her in June 2009.

He also showed police two lodgings at Dagoretti where he confessed killing two women on different occasions in 2007.

The man, who remained handcuffed, then led the detectives back to the forest near Lenana School, where he intended to show them two other murder scenes and the victims’ remains, but an angry crowd baying for his blood forced the officers to abandon the mission.

The five victims are among the 17 women and children the former G4S guard has confessed to killing.

Some of the victims’ bodies had been recovered by police, but recorded as unresolved murder of unidentified people.

CID have been trying to trace all the bodies in the hope of getting enough evidence to charge the man, whose bizarre activities have shocked the country, his wife and ageing parents included.

“The suspect led us to five more places, including three lodgings — one at Gikomba and two others at Dagoretti, where he claims to have killed three females, including a schoolgirl. He wanted to take police and journalists to two more scenes near Lenana School, but an angry crowd stopped this.

“We have already identified all the 17 scenes and recovered some of the remains, but those of others were buried a long time ago; we were only revisiting the scenes for purposes of resolving the mysterious murders that have never been solved,” said SCPU chief Richard Katola said.

The suspect was yet to meet the teacher he claims to have introduced him to the cult that led him into the blood-sucking orgies that have shocked the nation.

The teacher, now at Gatamaiyu Secondary School in Ruiru, surrendered on Thursday to the Kahawa Wendani police post, from where she was transferred to Kasarani.

Threat to kill

“We are now compiling a report on our investigations into what he has revealed to us before we interrogate the teacher,” Mr Katola said.

Police have five more days to arraign Mr Onyancha in court, as required by law. An alternative charge of robbery with violence might be preferred against him if it is proved that he threatened to kill or use force when demanding money from his victims’ families.

At the same time, it has been established that one of Mr Onyancha’s three referees in his G4S job application was a senior Kenya Power and Lighting Company engineer.

The suspected mass murderer had provided three referees.

Police are yet to establish if the suspect worked at the power firm before joining G4S.

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