Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga has undergone a 'minor procedure' to relieve pressure outside his brain, his doctors have said.

Doctors explained that this was the main source of constant headache that prompted the PM to seek medical attention at the Nairobi Hospital.

"Following examinations and initial investigations, he was found to have a build up of pressure outside his brain leading to a headache." said Dr Oluoch Olunya, a neurosurgeon.

“A team of doctors got together and within a short period it was agreed that a minor procedure be carried out on the left side of the head to relieve the pressure.”

Hit his head

Dr Olunya told journalists that the Mr Odinga checked into the hospital on Monday at 6 p.m. complaining of headache and general fatigue.

“The pressure was relieved when some fluid was removed through a small opening in the skull.”

Mr Olunya said the pressure might have been caused by hitting his head in a car three weeks ago.

“The procedure was carried out successfully and the Prime Minister is doing fine. Doctors have advised that he rests for at least five days. Visitors will also be restricted to allow him recover speedily.”

Earlier, his office had said that the PM was being treated for fatigue but that he was in "a fit and stable condition".

Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi was among politicians who wished the PM speedy recovery.

Speaking in Parliament, Assistant minister Orwa Ojodeh said “a few days of bed rest should settle the matter".

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